Miyoshi Kiyotsura

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Miyoshi Kiyotsura by "Zenken-Kojitsu"
In this Japanese name, the family name is Miyoshi.

Miyoshi Kiyotsura (三善 清行?, 847 – January 16, 918) was a Japanese scholar-statesman who was very inspired by Chinese classical learning, but very antagonistic to Buddhism.


Kiyotsura was the author of a certain memorial which called the attention of the emperor to current abuses. Though it ended up ascribing the abuses mostly to that of the greed of Buddhist clergy, Kiyotsura still did not spare the Shinto priests or court officials. Kiyotsura was known as a very stern, and great example of a Confucianist. Kiyotsura is found throughout the Japanese pages of history citing Chinese prose for political or social reform.

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