Miyoshi Nagayoshi

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Miyoshi Nagayoshi

Miyoshi Nagayoshi (三好 長慶, March 10, 1522 – August 10, 1564), eldest son of Miyoshi Motonaga, was a Japanese samurai and daimyō who was lord of the Miyoshi clan during the Sengoku period. Nagayoshi held the court titles of Shūri-dayū (修理太夫) and Chikuzen no Kami (筑前守), and was also known by the more Sinic reading of his name: Chōkei (長慶). During his tenure, the Miyoshi clan would experience a great rise of power, and engage in a protracted military campaign against its rivals, the Rokkaku and the Hosokawa.

Following his death, Nagayoshi was succeeded by his adopted son, Yoshitsugu (the son of Sogō Kazunari, his younger brother).