Miyoshi clan

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Miyoshi clan
Home province Awa
Parent house Ogasawara clan
Founder Miyoshi Yoshinaga

Miyoshi clan (三好氏, Miyoshi-shi) is a Japanese family descended from Emperor Seiwa (850–880) and the Minamoto clan (Seiwa-Genji). They were a cadet branch of the Ogasawara clan and the Takeda clan.

At the beginning of the 14th century AD, Ogasawara Nagafusa settled in Shikoku. His descendant in the 8th generation settled in the district of Miyoshi (Awa province) and took the name of the place. They were great vassals of the Hosokawa clan then all powerful in Shikoku.

During the Sengoku, they controlled several provinces, including Settsu (present-day Kinki region) and Awa. Though they would fade from prominence, the Ogasawara, a clan closely related to them, would continue as a major political force throughout the Edo period.

Among the retainers to the clan were Matsunaga Hisahide and his son Hisamichi.

Notable clan members[edit]