Mizhi County

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Mizhi County
Chinese transcription(s)
 • Traditional 米脂縣
 • Simplified 米脂县
 • Pinyin Mǐzhī Xiàn
Country  China
Province Shaanxi
Prefecture Yulin
Time zone China standard time (UTC+8)

Mizhi County is a county of Yulin, Shaanxi, China. In 2005 there were estimated to be 230,000 people living there. Mizhi is probably best known as the (claimed) birthplace of Diao Chan, one of the Four Great Beauties in traditional Chinese culture. Perhaps due to this, Mizhi is famed locally for the supposed beauty of its women. Tourist attractions include the Diao Chan Cave and Li Zicheng Palace. The local culture is similar to other parts of the Shanbei region, with traditional Yangge dancing and Xintianyou folk singing popular.


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Coordinates: 37°45′22″N 110°10′41″E / 37.75611°N 110.17806°E / 37.75611; 110.17806