Mizri Ghar

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Mizri Ghar
Mizri Ghar is located in Pakistan
Mizri Ghar
Mizri Ghar
Location in Pakistan
Highest point
Elevation 3,111 m (10,207 ft) [1]
Prominence 1,618 m (5,308 ft) [1]
Isolation 39 kilometres (24 mi)
Listing Ultra
Coordinates 31°20′27″N 70°01′45″E / 31.34083°N 70.02917°E / 31.34083; 70.02917Coordinates: 31°20′27″N 70°01′45″E / 31.34083°N 70.02917°E / 31.34083; 70.02917[1]
Location Pakistan
Parent range Sulaiman

Mizri Ghar at 3,111 metres (10,207 ft) is the third highest mountain in the Sulaiman Mountains of Western Pakistan. The only peaks higher are Qaisaghar (Kaisargarh) at 3,444 metres (11,299 ft) and Takht-i-Sulaiman at 3,378 metres (11,083 ft). Mizri Ghar is located near the village Manikhawa.

On Mizri Ghar and the surrounding ridge, the predominant vegetation is Chilgoza Pine and Wild Olive.

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