Mjøsa Bridge

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The Mjøsa Bridge

The Mjøsa Bridge (Norwegian: Mjøsbrua) is a box girder bridge that crosses Lake Mjøsa between Moelv and Biri in Hedmark and Oppland counties in Norway. The bridge is 1,421 metres long, the longest span is 69 metres, and the clearance to the water is 15 metres. The bridge has 21 spans and one vehicular lane in each direction. The Mjøsa Bridge was opened in 1985. Plans include building a new two-lane bridge (for a total of four lanes), or a four-lane bridge with a total of six lanes crossing Lake Mjøsa at Moelv/Biri (2×2 + 1×1).

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Coordinates: 60°55′42″N 10°39′57″E / 60.92833°N 10.66583°E / 60.92833; 10.66583