Mladen Milovanović

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Mladen Milovanović
Mladen Milovanovic.jpg
Prime Minister of Serbia
In office
Monarch Karađorđe
Preceded by Karađorđe Petrović
Succeeded by Position Abolished
Petar Nikolajević Moler
In office
Monarch Karađorđe
Preceded by Mateja Nenadović
Succeeded by Jakov Nenadović
Minister of Defence
In office
Preceded by Position Established
Succeeded by Toma Vučić Perišić
Personal details
Born Botunje, Kragujevac, Serbia
Died 1823
Zlatibor, Serbia
Nationality Serbian

Mladen Milovanović (c. 1760 in Botunje near Kragujevac – 1823 in Zlatibor) was a merchant, a Voivode in the First Serbian Uprising, associate of Karađorđe and leader of his party, President of the Administering Council (1807–1810 and 1813–1814) and first Serbian Minister of Defence (1811–1813).


Mladen was of Drobnjak clan ancestry.

He was very selfish, acquisitive, and resolute, very skilful schemer. He had a strong influence on the Karadjordje. He was blamed for the defeat of Serbian forces in East in 1809, and change the war plan contributed to the collapse of the rebellion in 1813. After the defeat of Serbia, he went abroad, and in 1814 arrived in Hotin, Russian Empire, where he remained until 1821.

He was killed in 1823, while crossing over the Zlatibor and on the road to Montenegro, by order of Prince Milos Obrenovic, who had never trusted him. In April 1823, Prince Milos gave in Kragujevac order to Serdar of Zlatibor Jovan Micic to escort Milovanovic to Lim, and transfer him to Montenegro. However, Micic guys Leko and Simo Kovac killed him in the Očka mountain on Zlatibor during alleged escape attempt by Milovanovic, and his body dumped in a nearby cave Zvekara.

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Political offices
Preceded by
Mateja Nenadović
Prime Minister of Serbia
Jan 1807-1810 (1814)
Succeeded by
Mladen Milovanović