Mladi liberali Crne Gore

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Liberal youth of Montenegro
Mladi liberali Crne Gore
President Ammar Borančić
Founded 1990
Headquarters Podgorica
Ideology Liberalism
Political position Center left
International affiliation International Federation of Liberal Youth, European Liberal Youth, ISEEL-Balkan liberal network,
Colours Blue and white (Montenegrin colors)

Liberal youth of Montenegro (Montenegrin:Mladi Liberali Crne Gore) is a national youth wing of the Liberal Party of Montenegro, which brings together all the young people who believe in the idea of liberalism and liberal democracy. They were founded in 1990. as an youth of the Liberal Alliance of Montenegro, since 2004. when the LSCG froze his work, continue its activity within the Liberal Party. Membership of Liberal youth are all members of the Liberal Party from 18 to 30 years.

Political profile[edit]

Liberal youth of Montenegro are the only organization of young liberals in Montenegro and is the only organization that brings together young people about the idea of liberalism. Young Liberals are an integral part of the Liberal Party of Montenegro within which enjoy autonomy. Work of young liberals known since the 1990s when they were active participants in the anti-war movement and the movement for a sovereign state of Montenegro, who led the Liberal Alliance. Today Young Liberals in Montenegro were recognized as a progressive force that initiates social reforms and initiated a broad debate on the foundations of liberalism on many taboo topics conservative society. Free individual in a free society is one of the main objectives of the program of Young Liberals.

Structure of the organization[edit]

The structure of an organization is determined by the Statute of the Liberal youth . MLCG organization relies on an administrative division of Montenegro and operates within the Liberal Party committees in each municipality . MLCG coordinate the work of the organization as secretary and vice president in charge LPCG youth .

Administration of Liberal youth are :

  • Conference of Liberal youth elected president of Young Liberals, elected by the other organs of Young Liberals, adopt the Statute and porogram, establishes policy guidelines for activities between the two Conference adopted the Declaration and Resolutions, and perform other tasks prescribed .
  • President of the Liberal youth represent the Young Liberals, President convenes and manages the work of the Presidency of the Conference, perform other tasks specified in the Statute .
  • Presidency of the Liberal youth creates and maintains a policy, implement the decisions of the Conference of the proposed conference program and other acts . What is the governing and executive body of the Young Liberals and make it all the Presidents of Municipal youth organizations .

Presidency members are :

  • Ammar Borančić - President
  • Luka Vučinić - Vice President
  • Nikola Obradović - Vice President
  • Alen Erović - a member of the Presidency
  • Luka Djurović - a member of the Presidency
  • Luka Vučinić - a member of the Presidency
  • Nikola Obradović - a member of the Presidency
  • Simo Novaković - a member of the Presidency
  • Jelena Radonjić - a member of the Presidency
  • Nikola Jurić - a member of the Presidency
  • Andrea Popović - a member of the Presidency
  • Satka Hajdarpašić - Coordinator of Youth LPCG

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