Mlawula Nature Reserve

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View from Magadzevane Camp on the Lubombo mountains

Mlawula Nature Reserve is situated in north-eastern Swaziland. It covers approximately 16,500 hectares and is adjacent to Mbuluzi Game Reserve, Simunye Nature Reserve and Hlane Royal National Park.

The Mlawula area was first proclaimed as a protected area in 1914 but was subsequently deproclaimed and subdivided into cattle ranches. The first part of Mlawula to be reproclaimed as a conservation area was donated in 1978, to become Ndzindza Nature Reserve. Mlawula Estates were purchased soon after followed by the donation of Nyala Ranch.[1]

Mlawula has a high bird diversity and over 350 species have been recorded.[2]


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Coordinates: 26°11′00″S 31°59′00″E / 26.18333°S 31.98333°E / -26.18333; 31.98333