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In Greek mythology, Mneme /ˈnm/ (Greek: Μνήμη, translit. Mnḗmē) was one of the three original Boeotian muses, along with her sisters Aoede and Melete before Arche and Thelxinoë were identified, increasing the number to five. Later, the Nine Olympian Muses were named. Mneme was the muse of memory.

Pausanias 9.29 (2nd Century AD) treats obscure source material already obsolete in his own day. Citing the Atthis by Hegesinus — a poem no longer extant for Pausanias but cited by Callippus of Corinth (whose history of Orchomenus is no longer extant for us) — Pausanias records that anciently a group of three Boeotian Muses was venerated on Mt Helicon. These were displaced by a cult of nine Muses.


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  • "MUSES, MUSAE, Greek Mythology Index". Myth Index. 2007. Retrieved 2007-12-29. originally three were worshipped on Mount Helicon in Boeotia