Mnet Asian Music Awards in the Genre-Specific Awards Category

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Mnet Asian Music Awards in the Genre-Specific Awards category
Country South Korea
Presented by CJ E&M Pictures (Mnet)
Website Mnet Asian Music Awards

The following are the defunct titles in the Genre-Specific Awards Category given by the Mnet Asian Music Awards.

Best Indie Performance[edit]

Year[I] Winner(s) Song Nominee(s)
No Brain "Youth 98"
  • Dr. Core 911 - "Sha Sha Funky Shake" (샤샤 펑키 쉐이크)
  • Dalpalan (DJ 달파란) - "휘파람별의 초대"
  • Blue Punk Bugs (푸펑충) - "어둠의 자식들"
  • 황신혜밴드 - "깡총"
Crying Nut "Circus Magic"
  • No Brain - "Songs for the Rioters" (청년폭도맹진가)
  • Dr. Core 911 (닥터코어911) - "Rain" (비가)
  • Lazy Bone (레이지본) - "큰푸른물"
  • MP Hip-Hop All Stars - "초"
Crying Nut "Deep in the Night"
  • 3호선 버터 플라이 - "The Only Thing To Walk" (걷기만 해)
  • No Brain - "Go To The Beach" (해변으로 가요)
  • Rotten Apple - "Someone"
  • All Lies Band - "초인술퍼맨"
Trans Fixion "Come Back to Me"
  • 3rd Line Butterfly (3호선 버터플라이) - "Photosynthesis" (광합성)
  • Lazy Bone - (레이지본) - "큰푸른물"
  • Sugar Donut - "책받침 아가씨"
  • Johnny Royal - "Regeneration" (갱생)

Best House & Electronic[edit]

Year[I] Winner(s) Song Nominee(s)
Clazziquai "Lover Boy"
Jewelry "One More Time"
Brown Eyed Girls "Abracadabra"

Best Trot[edit]

Year[I] Winner(s) Song Nominee(s)
Hong Jin-young "Love's Battery"
  • no nominees announced

Best Digital Single[edit]

Year[I] Winner(s) Song Nominee(s)
Park Bom "You and I"
    • Jeong Yeob - "Without You"
    • MC Mong - "Sick Enough to Die" (ft. Mellow)
    • Monday Kiz - "Scatter"
    • Supreme Team - "Then Then Then" (ft. Young Jun)

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^[I] Each year is linked to the article about the Mnet Asian Music Awards held that year.


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