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Founded 1976
Country Mozambique
Confederation CAF
Number of teams 16
Level on pyramid 1
Domestic cup(s) Taça de Moçambique
International cup(s) Champions League
Confederation Cup
Current champions Ferroviário Beira
Most championships Ferroviário Maputo (10)

Moçambola (or Campeonato Moçambicano de Futebol, Portuguese for Mozambican Football Championship) is the top division of Mozambican football, and it is organized by the Liga Moçambicana de Futebol.[1]


In 1976, shortly after the country's independence from Portugal, the competition's first season was contested. Only five clubs took part: Académica Maputo, AD Pemba, Desportivo de Maputo, Desportivo Tete, and Textáfrica.[2]

Until 2005, the competition was named Liga 2M. In 2005, the league was renamed to Moçambola.

Competition format[edit]

The league consists of 16 clubs, with each team competing against each other team twice, round-robin style, for a total of 30 matches per season. The bottom three clubs in the league table are relegated to the second division. It currently takes place between the months of March/April and October.[3][4]

Moçambola – clubs 2017[edit]

List of champions[edit]

Colonial champions[edit]

Since independence[edit]

Titles by team[edit]

Ferroviário de Maputo 10
Costa do Sol 9
Desportivo de Maputo 6
Maxaquene 5
Liga Desportiva 4
Matchedje Maputo 2
Ferroviário de Nampula 1
G.D.R. Textáfrica 1
Têxtil Punguè 1
Ferroviário Beira 1


Year Best scorers Team Goals
2002 Mozambique Genito CD Maxaquene 11
2004 Ruben Ferroviário da Beira
2005 Mozambique Maurício Pequenino Desportivo de Maputo 14
2006 Mozambique Maurício Pequenino Desportivo de Maputo 11
2007 Mozambique CD Costa do Sol 16
2008 Mozambique Luis Ferroviário de Maputo 15
2009 Mozambique Jerry Sitoe Ferroviário de Maputo 16
2010 Mozambique Jerry Sitoe Ferroviário de Maputo 16
2011 Mozambique Betinho CD Maxaquene 15
2012 Mozambique Sonito Liga Desportiva 9
2014 Isaac de Carvalho CD Maxaquene 13


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