Moûtiers Cathedral

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Moûtiers Cathedral

Moûtiers Cathedral (Cathédrale Saint-Pierre de Moûtiers) is a Roman Catholic church in Moûtiers en Tarentaise, France. The cathedral is a national monument, and was formerly the seat of the Archdiocese of Tarentaise, which abolished under the Concordat of 1801. It was afterwards the seat of the re-formed Bishopric of Tarentaise from 1825 until 1966, when the diocese of Tarentaise, Diocese of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne and the Archdiocese of Chambéry were amalgamated to form the present Archdiocese of Chambéry, Maurienne and Tarentaise.


Coordinates: 45°28′59″N 6°32′1″E / 45.48306°N 6.53361°E / 45.48306; 6.53361