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For other places with the same name, see Mościce (disambiguation).

Mościce is an industrial borough of the city of Tarnów in Poland, previously an industrial suburb. Located to the west of the city centre at the Biała river, it houses one of the largest and the first nitrate factory in Europe.

Mościce was built between 1927 and 1929 as the site of a new nitrate factory. The village was named after Ignacy Mościcki, a Polish chemist and future president of Poland who patented the industrial production of Nitrogen and nitric acid. One of the first managers of the factory was Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski. In order to prevent the inhabitants of the area from suffering from the odour of nitrogen, Mościce is a green town, separated into sectors by belts of parks and green areas. During World War II there was a German transfer camp for prisoners of war, with roughly 1500 inmates. In 1951 it was incorporated into the city of Tarnów.

In this district of Tarnów City there is railway station located. The station is on the west-east way from Dresden (Germany) through Wrocław, Kraków, Przemyśl to Lviv (Ukraine). There is also culture center with Cafeteria and Hotel Cristal Park ***

Currently, Mościce is also a sports centre of the city of Tarnów, with swimming pools, sports halls and the stadium of Unia Tarnów located there.

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