MoRT (Blut Aus Nord album)

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MoRT cover.jpg
Studio album by Blut Aus Nord
Released October 23, 2006
Genre Avant-garde metal
Industrial black metal
Length 47:15
Label Candlelight Records
Blut Aus Nord chronology
Thematic Emanation of Archetypal Multiplicity
Odinist: The Destruction of Reason by Illumination

MoRT (an acronym for "Metamorphosis of Realistic Theories"; Mort is also the French word for death) is an avant-garde metal album by French black metal band Blut Aus Nord, released in 2006.


On this release the band completely abandons traditional black metal songwriting and structure for a sort of free-form dissonance which, while intricately structured, confounds the listener's traditional perceptions of what constitutes structure. Some listeners hailed it as a masterpiece, claiming that it took the experiments on previous Blut aus Nord releases to their logical conclusion and represented some of the most terrifying music ever set to record; others dismissed it as a pointless exercise in weirdness for weirdness' sake, or argued that the removal of traditional structure from the band's song material also removed what was most interesting about the music in the first place. Before the album was released, an alternate set of song titles was leaked, yet it did not correspond to the number of tracks that appeared on the finished album. This is perhaps a hint that this would originally have been a double album or part of a concept that is yet unfinished.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Chapter 1" - 6:04
  2. "Chapter 2" - 4:44
  3. "Chapter 3" - 5:08
  4. "Chapter 4" - 5:41
  5. "Chapter 5" - 6:35
  6. "Chapter 6" - 5:02
  7. "Chapter 7" - 6:39
  8. "Chapter 8" - 7:20

Pre-release track listing leak[edit]

  1. Ruins of the Genesis (Antiparticles)
  2. Dis-Harmonization of All Visual Echoes
  3. Fusion with the Zero
  4. Samsaric Ocean
  5. The Meditation of the Ghost (Samadhi)
  6. Le Cercle de Ceux Qui Pleurent
  7. Alienation of the Orphans

"Le Cercle de Ceux Qui Pleurent" translates as "The Circle of Those Who Cry".