Mo Xuanqing

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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Mo.

Mo Xuanqing (Chinese: 莫宣卿; pinyin: Mò Xuānqīng, August 17, 834) born in Zhaoqing, modern Guangdong, was the youngest Zhuangyuan in the imperial examinations during the Tang Dynasty, in Chinese history. He was known as a talented person from the age of 12. In 851, at the age of 17, he was also the first youngest Zhuangyuan in the imperial examination in Chinese history since the Sui Dynasty and the first Zhuangyuan in Lingnan.


Mo Xuanqing composed more than 200 pieces: poems and songs, however, most of his poems were lost and there are not more than 20 pieces remaining published in China's literary history such as the Quan Tang Shi and the Cantonese Poetry Collection (粵詩蒐逸).

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