Moapa River Indian Reservation

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Moapa Indian Reservation welcome sign

Moapa River Indian Reservation is an Indian reservation located northeast of Las Vegas, near Moapa. It is the land-base for the Moapa Band of Paiute Indians, a local band of Southern Paiute Indians. Moapa River Indian Reservation consists of 71,954 acres (29,119 hectares). As of the census of 2010, the population was 238, up from 206 in 2000.[1]

Location and geography[edit]

The reservation is crossed from northeast to southwest by the I-15 highway. In the southeast, it is adjacent to Valley of Fire State Park. In particular, Exit 75 of the highway and the local road leading to the west park entrance (formerly Nevada 169, decommissioned in 2001), down to the entrance, belong to the reservation.[2]

Rocks in the southern part of the reservation, immediately west of Valley of Fire State Park


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Coordinates: 36°34′41″N 114°43′04″W / 36.5780°N 114.7179°W / 36.5780; -114.7179