Moat House, Tamworth

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"Moat House" redirects here. For the listed building in Sutton Coldfield, see Moat House, Sutton Coldfield.
The Moat House

The Moat House is a Grade II* historic building located in what were once the grounds of Tamworth Castle in Staffordshire, England.[1]

Currently the Moat House is a modern family restaurant, but is being renovated back to its original splendour. A Gazebo nearby is a Grade II listed building and a rare family of 18 black swans live around the grounds.


Built in 1572 by William Comberford as a family home, it sits on the banks of the River Tame. Charles I stayed in the property in August 1619.

In 1815 the Moat House became a lunatic asylum. Immediately prior to its current ownership the property was a Berni Inn, and before that a Schooner Inn.


It is purported that walking the third floor corridors is the ghost of a young girl named Emily, or Amelia.[citation needed] It is believed she was locked in the tower by her father and died in a fire that originated from a burning candle. There is evidence of a fire, but no evidence that it was in that location, or that anybody died in it.


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Coordinates: 52°38′2″N 1°42′9″W / 52.63389°N 1.70250°W / 52.63389; -1.70250