Moberly Lake (British Columbia)

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Moberly Lake
Location British Columbia
Coordinates 55°49′23″N 121°45′43″W / 55.823°N 121.762°W / 55.823; -121.762Coordinates: 55°49′23″N 121°45′43″W / 55.823°N 121.762°W / 55.823; -121.762
Type oligotrophic
Primary inflows Moberly River
Basin countries Canada
Surface area 29.4 km2 (11.4 sq mi)
Average depth 18.3 m (60 ft)
Max. depth 42.7 m (140 ft)
Water volume 534×10^6 m3 (433,000 acre·ft)
Residence time 2.4 years
Surface elevation 692 m (2,270 ft)

Moberly Lake along British Columbia Highway 29 in northern British Columbia, Canada, is named for Henry John Moberly, a fur trader that lived on the lake. It is served by the Chetwynd Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) detachment.

The Moberly Lake has always been a revered site for the Danezaa people. They called it 'the Lake you can depend on,' an allusion to the bounty of the lake, where they could always find food.[1]


Other Danezaa regarded the lake as a place of mystique. For them, it was 'the Lake with a hole through it' or 'the lake with no bottom'. According to their lore, the lake was the dwelling place of an ancient creature that came to the surface after long intervals below the water.[1]

Three generations of Beaver (Dunneza) women at Moberly Lake, British Columbia.


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