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Mobexpert S.R.L.
Privately held company
Industry Retail
Founded Bucharest, Romania, 1993
Headquarters Bucharest, Romania
Number of locations
32 stores (2013)
Key people
Dan Şucu, CEO
Products furniture and accessories, houseware
Revenue US$255 million (2007)
Number of employees
3,500 (2008)

Mobexpert is the largest furniture and accessories distributor in Romania, with 36 stores and one of the largest 12 furniture companies in Europe.


The company was founded in 1993 by Dan and Camelia Şucu. The two opened their first store in the Unirea Shopping Center where they sold imported furniture.

In 1994 the company opened their first furniture factory where they produced at first office chairs, then couches and later metallic and plastic furniture pieces.

In 1995 the company started to expand the network and started to buy furniture companies as Samus Dej, Ilefor Târgu Mureş and Mobstrat Suceava.

In 2007 the company opened its first store outside Romania in Sofia, Bulgaria. Another store has been opened in Belgrade, Serbia.


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