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Mobi4BIZ is a mobile finance application owned and created by MobiTV. Mobi4Biz is a fee-based, video-centric application that offers stock data, business news and related information, including company-specific VOD content. Mobi4BIZ's content is pulled from CNBC, with up-to-the minute stock market data from the CNBC ticker, as well as Bloomberg Television, Fox Business, and

Mobi4BIZ allows users to customize the application; to receive alerts and detailed financial data on their portfolio as well as personalized stock tickers, financial graphs, analysis and tools.[1]

Mobi4BIZ debuted September 11, 2008 at CTIA.[2] As of January 5, 2009, the Mobi4BIZ application is only available through AT&T and exclusively on the Blackberry Bold device.

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