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There are two drastically different kind of MobiCast.

MobiCast is a multicast scheme used in cellular networks. It adopts a hierarchical mobility management approach to isolate the mobility of the mobile hosts from the main multicast delivery tree. Its creators state that it is suitable for mobile hosts in an internetwork environment with small wireless cells. MobiCast is often confused with Mobicast (Mobile Just-in-time Multicasting)

Mobicast (Mobile Just-in-time Multicasting) is a multicast scheme used in mobile ad hoc networks. It explicitly addresses space-time restrictions on the multicast recipient set. It entails the delivery of messages to large sets of nodes in a manner that satisfies a potentially dynamic set of spatiotemporal constraints. By explicitly addressing the temporal domain associated with message delivery, mobicasts are more general than geocast and makes it possible to save bandwidth and memory resources of the networks by applications exploiting their inherent just-in-time delivery semantics.


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