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MobileNotifier icon.png
MobileNotifier screenshot.png
Developer(s)Peter Hajas (Lead Developer), Tim Novinger (Developer), Dustin Howett (Co-License Holder), Kyle Adams (UI Designer)
Stable release
beta5 (Ecstatic Eggo) / 29 May 2011
Written inObjective-C, Objective-C++, C
Operating systemiOS 4.0
TypeNotification system

MobileNotifier was a free open-source alert messaging system, written by Peter Hajas, for jailbroken iOS devices including iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, for iOS 4.0. Mobile Notifier was written as a reproduction of Android notifications.[1][2] It is currently released under the BSD License.[3] The lead developer, Peter Hajas, left to work for Apple [4] but the project was continued by other developers.

The software hooks into the operating system to replace the built-in modal notification user interface,[5] and maintains a queue of unread messages for the user.

As of late May 2011, MobileNotifier has had over 230,000 downloads.[6]

MobileNotifier was developed in conjunction with the Rensselaer Center for Open Source Software at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.[7]

Release History[edit]

MobileNotifier is in beta.

beta5 (Ecstatic Eggo)[edit]

Released 29 May 2011.[8]

This included the following new features:

  • MobileReply – reply to SMS messages without entering the Messages application
  • Full message text preview for notifications
  • New AlertDashboard style, modeled after the lockscreen view
  • The ability to dismiss an alert entirely from the popup
  • Recall the most recent alert with an Activator action
  • Calendar Invitation alert support
  • Speed Improvements

It solved the following issues:

  • Lockscreen still displaying even if it was set to "off" in settings
  • Other small bugfixes

beta4 (Decadent Dinobites)[edit]

Released 4 May 2011.[9]

This included the following new features:

  • New alert display in the statusbar
  • Alert preview on the lockscreen
  • Auto-dismiss of alerts after starting the relevant application

It solved the following issues:

  • Speed improvements

beta3 (Copious Corn Flakes)[edit]

Released 27 February 2011.[10]

This included the following new features:

  • New alert style
  • A new AlertDashboard style in the multitasking switcher
  • A lockscreen view showing the number of pending notifications
  • Timestamp recording for alerts

It solved the following issues:

  • 3.x compatibility issues
  • Alert display issues

beta2 (Bountiful Bran Flakes)[edit]

Released 18 February 2011[11]

This included the following new features:

  • A "heads up" view of all your alerts – the AlertDashboard
  • Push notification support (in beta2r4)

It solved the following issues:

  • Alerts no longer stack, and are instead presented one at a time

beta1 (Awesome Apple Jacks)[edit]

MobileNotifier beta1 was not officially released.[12]

It solved the following issues:

  • General stability
  • Alert stack management

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