Mobile Marriott

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Mobile Marriott
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Mobile Marriott 02.jpg
Hotel chainMarriott International
General information
Location3101 Airport Boulevard, Mobile, Alabama
Coordinates30°40′33.6″N 88°7′6.17″W / 30.676000°N 88.1183806°W / 30.676000; -88.1183806Coordinates: 30°40′33.6″N 88°7′6.17″W / 30.676000°N 88.1183806°W / 30.676000; -88.1183806
Height325 feet (99 m)
Technical details
Floor count20
Other information
Number of rooms247
Number of suites4
Mobile Marriott

The Mobile Marriott is a high-rise hotel in the U.S. city of Mobile, Alabama. Completed in 1979, the building rises 325 feet (99 m) and 20 stories.[2] The Mobile Marriott is tied with the Mobile Government Plaza as the 4th-tallest building in Mobile and the 10th-tallest in Alabama. It also stands as the second-tallest hotel in the city and the state, after the Renaissance Riverview Plaza Hotel. The building is an example of modern architecture.[2]

Upon its completion, the 250-room Mobile Marriott stood as the tallest hotel in the city and the state. After the 277-unit Adam's Mark Hotel (now the Renaissance Riverview Plaza Hotel) was completed in 1984, the Marriott fell to second place in hotel size, but remained the tallest hotel in the state and the second-tallest building in the city, after the RSA–BankTrust Building. The building later fell to second-tallest hotel when, in 2008, a large spire was constructed over the newly renamed Renaissance Riverview Plaza Hotel.[3] The spire was designed to complement the spire of the RSA Battle House Tower.[3] With the addition of the spire, the Renaissance Riverview Plaza Hotel reached a new height of 374 feet (114 m),[4] allowing it to surpass the Mobile Marriott to become the third-tallest building in the city and the tallest hotel in the state. The Marriott retains the title of tallest hotel in Alabama when measuring to the highest occupied floor level.

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