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mobile PhoneTools
Developer(s) Avanquest
Stable release
5.17d / May 14, 2009; 8 years ago (2009-05-14)
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type Personal information manager
License Commercial

mobile PhoneTools is a program written by the French-based company Avanquest Software (formerly BVRP). The program allows users of Motorola and other brands of cellular phones to connect their cellular phones to their personal computer.

mobile PhoneTools is distributed as an OEM product with Motorola phones by some telcos. The Motorola edition of the software is called Motorola PhoneTools. mobile PhoneTools is sold online as a retail product as well. Another version of mobile PhoneTools, called Mobile Phone Suite, is a special edition designed to work with the Intel Centrino dual-core chip.

mobile PhoneTools requires Bluetooth, data cable, or IrDA connection to operate. The retail version can be purchased as a bundle with either a Bluetooth dongle or a data cable.

Following functionalities are included in the retail version of mobile PhoneTools: