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A Psychiatric Mobile Response Team (PMRT) is a unit that provides psychiatric evaluations of suspects who appear to be in some form of mental crisis. In the United Kingdom they are called Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team (CRHTT).

United States of America[edit]


In Los Angeles County, a PMRT is mainly focused on preventing adults with mental disabilities from being sent into a detention. The PMRT responds within 60 minutes of a referral.[1]


In Connecticut, a PMRT is a team of mental health workers. This may include Psychiatrists, Registered Nurses, MSW's (Social Workers), and Psychiatric Technicians. These units may intervene in both Juvenile and Adult situations.[2]


The FBI had an MPERT that investigated the massacre in Waco, Texas in 1993. At that time, Alen J. Salerian was the head of the FBI's MPERT unit.[citation needed]

United Kingdom[edit]

The United Kingdom has a similar service run by NHS mental health trusts, Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team (CRHTT). A 24-hour service that provides same day initial psychiatric assessment and short term treatment in the community for people who might otherwise need admission to an acute psychiatric unit. [3]

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