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Founded in 1989 by Mo Ibrahim after he left Cellnet, Mobile Systems International provided consultancy, network planning and management application software to the wireless industry. In 1998 the company became known as MSI Metapath Software International. This was after a merger with Metapath Software, a firm that made real-time customer management products for the mobile industry. The merger also generated a new spin off called MSI-Cellular Investments which specialised in developing mobile phone services in African countries .

Marconi Corporation plc acquired Metapath Software International in 2000. On October 9, 2002, prior to Ericsson's acquisition of Marconi, a management/leverage buy-out was led by Masoud Bassiri [1], who was a vice president of Marconi South Asia until October 9, 2002. The acquired company was renamed to Consistel Pte. Ltd., [2] which became a market leader in in-building wireless software and solution. Later Consistel produced a software called Atrium, [3] which enables wireless operators and System Integrators to efficiently and accurately design DAS networks in buildings. After Ericsson acquired Marconi, a management buy-out led by Kosi Ali, who was vice president of Marconi Wireless and Ericsson in 2006, resulted in Mobile Systems International becoming an independent company. Kosi Ali subsequently became CEO and majority shareholder in MSI with his partner Farhan Al Faisal of Saudi Arabia, who was the agent of Marconi Wireless at the time.

MSI-Cellular Investments was renamed as Celtel International in 2004 and was bought by Mobile Telecommunications Company, a telecoms company from Kuwait, in May 2005.

Mobile Systems International continues to provide consultancy services to telecom operators and has branched out to Saudi Arabia.

In 2011, Kosi Ali left MSI to hand over control to Sheikh Farhan Al Faisal, who is now the chairman of the board and CEO.


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