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A mobile dial code (MDC) is a phone number that allows the request and receipt of information directly to a mobile phone.

A mobile dial code combines a toll-free number, a web address and a short code into one simplified number. It is a 1-15 digit string of letters or numbers that is preceded by a combination of * or #.

Mobile dial codes are dialed just like a regular telephone number. The caller can be presented with any one of a variety of responses that an advertiser defines - a voice or IVR call, a text message, a video or audio clip, a mobile coupon, game or an application.

A mobile dial code is not the same as an abbreviated dial code which only supports voice calls, basically abbreviating a standard phone number and connecting the caller to a person or machine (interactive voice response system or voicemail system) that answers the call.[citation needed]

A mobile dial code is not the same as a 2D bar code which must be photographed or scanned by a mobile phone camera prior to presenting the caller with a response.

StarStar Mobile[1] operates the National StarStar Registry in the United States leasing StarStar Numbers available through AT&T and Verizon as of July 2010.[2] Sprint and T-Mobile partnerships were announced in March 2011. An example of a StarStar number[3] is **TAXI (**8294) which allows a mobile phone user to connect to a local taxi company.