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TypeChristian students and twenties conference

Mobilise is a set of Christian conferences, weekend retreats and resources for students and twenties, run by the Newfrontiers family of churches in the UK.[1]

Mobilise Conference[edit]

The main Mobilise event is an annual conference which has been attended by over 1600 students and twenties. The 4 day conference was held during the summer, often in July, at the Brighton Centre in Brighton, England, alongside the Together On A Mission conference for Christian leaders.[2]

At the final Together On A Mission conference in July 2011, it was announced that the Mobilise conference would continue independently in the coming years. The 2012 conference will be held at a Pontins holiday park in Prestatyn, Wales.[3]

Other Endeavours[edit]

Leaders' Weekends[edit]

Mobilise runs student and twenties workers' retreats.[4]

Mobilise Worldwide[edit]

Mobilise also supports international missions, sending out two teams a year during the Easter and summer holidays.[5]


Mobilise also provides support for Christians attending and graduating university.

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