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Mobilityland is a merger of two Japanese racing track facilities, known as the Suzuka Circuit and the Twin Ring Motegi. Suzuka Circuit was established in 1962 and Twin Ring Motegi was established in 1997. The two facilities merged management operations June 1, 2006, establishing the following business model. Mobilityland is publicly held, but all shares are owned by Honda Motor Company.


  • Motorsports
    • Hold and manage at Suzuka Circuit and Twin Ring Motegi, Formula One Grand Prix, MotoGP, 8-hour Endurance Road Race, etc., as well as plan, hold and manage other races.
  • Amusement
    • Manage amusement facilities at Suzuka Circuit, Twin Ring Motegi.
  • Resort
    • Manage hotels, training halls, restaurants, hot springs and wedding halls.
  • Traffic Education
    • Hold safe riding/driving and licensed motorcycle lessons.
  • Planning & Development
    • Develop and design rides, plan comprehensively the leisure land.

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