Mobilize (Anti-Flag album)

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Studio album by Anti-Flag
Released February 19, 2002
Recorded September 2001 – December 1, 2001
Genre Punk rock
Length 54:21
Label A-F
Anti-Flag chronology
Underground Network
(2001)Underground Network2001
BYO Split Series, Vol. 4
(2002)BYO Split Series, Vol. 42002
Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic4/5 stars link

Mobilize is an album by punk rock band Anti-Flag. It contains eight new studio tracks, and eight live songs.

The album's live tracks were recorded at the Mr. Roboto Project, a cooperatively-organized and volunteer-run DIY venue in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania (just outside Pittsburgh's city limits).

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Justin Sane except as noted.

1."911 for Peace"3:34
2."Mumia's Song" (Justin Sane, Chris #2)2:24
3."What's the Difference?"1:59
4."We Want to Be Free"1:36
5."N.B.C. (No Blood Thirsty Corporations)" (Justin Sane, Pat Thetic)2:12
6."Right to Choose" (Chris #2)2:57
7."We Don't Need It!"3:12
8."Anatomy of Your Enemy" (Anti-Flag)3:02
Live Songs
1."Underground Network (Live)"3:32
2."Tearing Everyone Down (Live)"2:44
3."Bring Out Your Dead (Live)"3:01
4."A New Kind of Army (Live)"3:46
5."Their System Doesn't Work for You (Live)"2:25
6."Free Nation (Live)"2:56
7."Spaz's House Destruction Party (Live)"3:10
8."Die for the Government (Live)"3:14

(The first pressing contained a bonus compilation disc showcasing A-F records bands from 1998-2002.)


  • Justin Sane - Guitar & Lead Vocals
  • Chris Head - Guitar & Vocals
  • Chris #2 - Bass & Lead Vocals
  • Pat Thetic - Drums
  • Spaz - Vocals on "Spaz's House Destruction Party"; he also appears after "Die For Your Government" with the band where he sings "Coz I Got High" and "Coz Pat Got High"