Mobius Motors

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Mobius Motors
Industry Automotive industry
Founded 2009 (approx)
Founder Joel Jackson
Headquarters Nairobi, Kenya
Area served
East Africa
Products Automobiles
Website Mobius Motors

Mobius Motors is an automaker that started in Mombasa, Kenya, but is now based in Nairobi, Kenya, that builds inexpensive vehicles "by integrating off-the-shelf parts within a durable and safe tubular steel frame". Mobius Motors designs, manufactures and sells highly durable, highly affordable vehicles in Kenya for Africa's mass market. Mobius is reimagining the car; designing their vehicles around common road terrain, transport usage and consumer income profiles across the region. They are not just building vehicles more suited to local demand, but transport platforms that empower local entrepreneurs to run profitable transportation businesses with Mobius vehicles to end-users in their communities.


The company was founded by Joel Jackson, a computer engineer who came to Kenya in 2009 to help farmers increase productivity. He decided that the most pressing barrier was the state of the transport system, saying "It became clear that the lack of appropriate transport affected many parts of rural Africa"[1]

In May 2014, Mobius Motors received investment from Ronald Lauder backed Pan African Investment Company to help it assemble the first 50 units and establish a distribution network.[2]

In October 2014, Mobius launched the Mobius II which retailed at KES 950,000 (US$10,600). This price made it the lowest priced new vehicle in Kenya.[3]

Mobius One[edit]

Mobius One is the company's first prototype.

"Mobius One is our first prototype vehicle and represents a major step towards a safe, functional and affordable form of transport for the African market."

Mobius Two[edit]

The second prototype, unveiled in Mid-2011

"Mobius Two is our next generation prototype. A highly affordable, functional and durable vehicle, designed and built for the African market.

Mobius Two omits many non-essential features while maintaining essential functionality. It has already been driven over 2,500 Kilometres around Kenya on varied terrain and proved its rugged capability. "



Mobius Motors started assembling cars in Kenya in late July 2013.[4]

Mobius started the assembly of five units and plans to increase production to more than 500 units from 2018.

Currently, over 35 per cent of the vehicle’s cost is sourced domestically and Mobius Motors is looking to grow local content beyond 40 per cent.

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