Mộc Hóa District

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Mộc Hóa District
Huyện Mộc Hóa
Country  Vietnam
Region Mekong Delta
Province Long An
Capital Bình Phong Thạnh
 • Total 297.64 km2 (114.92 sq mi)
Population (2003)[2]
 • Total 67,753
Time zone Indochina Time (UTC+07:00)

Mộc Hóa is a rural district (huyện) of Long An Province in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam.


Since 2013, the district has been divided into seven communes:[1]

  1. Bình Phong Thạnh
  2. Tân Thành
  3. Tân Lập
  4. Bình Hòa Đông
  5. Bình Hòa Trung
  6. Bình Hòa Tây
  7. Bình Thạnh

In 2003 the district had a population of 67,753 and covered an area of 501 km².[2] The district capital was at the town also known as Mộc Hóa.[2] In 2013, the town of Mộc Hóa and the nearby communes of Bình Hiệp, Bình Tân, Thạnh Hưng, Thạnh Trị and Tuyên Thạnh were separated to create the district-level town of Kiến Tường.[3] The headquarters of the new Mộc Hóa District were moved to Bình Phong Thạnh.


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Coordinates: 10°45′00″N 106°00′00″E / 10.750°N 106.000°E / 10.750; 106.000