Valle dei Mòcheni

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Valle dei Mòcheni
  • Fersental
  • Bersntol
  • Valle del Fersina
Bersntol palae.jpg
The Valle dei Mòcheni, with the village of Palù del Fersina
Map of Trentino with Mocheni valley marked in red
Location Autonomous Province of Trento, Italy
Coordinates 46°06′N 11°18′E / 46.100°N 11.300°E / 46.100; 11.300Coordinates: 46°06′N 11°18′E / 46.100°N 11.300°E / 46.100; 11.300
Population centers
Watercourses Fersina

The Valle dei Mòcheni, German: Fersental, Mòcheno: Bersntol, is a valley in the Autonomous Province of Trento, in north-eastern Italy. It is also known as the Valle del Fersina, after the Fersina river which runs through it.[1]

Since the 14th century the valley has been home to a Mòcheno-speaking population of Bavarian origin,[2] and is a language island of the Mòcheno language, an Upper German variety.

The four comuni of the valley are Fierozzo, Frassilongo, Palù del Fersina (in which the majority of people declared themselves members of the Mòcheno linguistic group) and Sant'Orsola Terme.

The Pezzata Mòchena breed of domestic goat originates in the valley.[2]


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