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Mochizuki Chiyome望月千代女) is a non-existent female ninja. Although some non-academic books claim the existence of her, her name was appeared only after 1971; at a book "考証日本史"("Investigation of Japanese history") written by non-academic writer 稲垣史生(Shisei Inagaki) in 1971Y17:p282.

In this book, Inagaki

  1. describes the details of the 4th Battles of KawanakajimaY17:p282
  2. claims that Moritoki Mochizuki was a husband of Chiyome and he was died at this BattleY17:p282
  3. presents a historical wrriten permition to Chiyome issued by Shingen Takeda and claims that, due to this permission, the "Miko-village" emarged Y17:p282 .
  4. claims that Mikoes of the village became spiesY17:p282
  5. claims that Chiyome then became a ninja.

However, Katuya Yoshimaru (ja), an associate professor of Mie University who studies Japanese Edo period literature and ninja, says Chiyome did not exist actually and he points out wrong points of the Inagaki's book:

  1. there is no historical document describing the details of this battleY17:p282
  2. Moritoki did not die in this battleY17:p284
  3. this written permission is not extantY17:p282. Generally speaking, most of such kind of written permissions are forged onesY17:p284
  4. Spy activities of Mikoes is groundless; it is based only on guess  of InagakiY17:p284
  5. This is groundless either. Although Inagaki refers "日本巫女史"(History of Japanese Miko), 1930, wirtten by 中山太郎(Taro Nakayama), this book says nothing about ninjaY17:p284; all descriptions about ninja first appear in the Inagaki's book.

The name of Chiyome became popular in 1991 by a two page article about her "biography" on a special issuue "臨時増刊号『決定版「忍者」の全て』" of a magazine "歴史読本"Y17:p285. This article said that Chiyome was a "上忍"(upper ninja) but historically, there is no rank name "上忍" in a ninja's hierarchyY17:p285.