Mocho Mountains

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Mocho Mountains
Hakewill, A Picturesque Tour of the Island of Jamaica, Plate 21.jpg
Whitney Estate, 1820 The Mocho Mountains are in the background
Highest point
Coordinates18°03′N 77°21′W / 18.050°N 77.350°W / 18.050; -77.350Coordinates: 18°03′N 77°21′W / 18.050°N 77.350°W / 18.050; -77.350
Mocho Mountains is located in Jamaica
Mocho Mountains
Mocho Mountains
RegionSouth central

The Mocho Mountains are a mountain range in south central Jamaica.[1] It has been described as the "geographical center of Jamaica."[2]

The area was a site for bauxite mining. The mining led to deforestation in the area.[3]


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