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Mocne (Polish strong) is a brand of cigarettes in Poland. They were first introduced in 1950s in a variety of designs and by several factories of the state-owned tobacco monopoly, Wytwórnia Wyrobów Tytoniowych. In the early 1990s the brand was bought by the Reemtsma company, now a division of Imperial Tobacco. Since then a variety of consumer choices were added, including Lights, Menthol and Extra Lights. In addition to the traditional soft packet, a hard packet was also introduced.

A packet of Mocne in the 1970s
Kind Tar Nicotine
Mocne 15 mg/cigarette 1,3 mg/cigarette
Mocne Jasne 10 mg/cigarette 1,0 mg/cigarette
Mocne Menthol
Mocne Superlight