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MocoSpace on iPhone
Type Private
Founded October 20, 2005; 10 years ago (2005-10-20)
Headquarters Boston, Massachusetts, US
Industry Internet
Written in Java
Type of site Social networking service
Registration Required
Users Increase 3.27 million monthly active users (September 8, 2015)
Available in Multilingual (8)
Current status Active

MocoSpace is a mobile game community specifically focused on HTML5 for mobile, also known as a mobile social network.[1] The features of the site are similar to other social networking sites. Features include mobile games, chat, instant messaging, eCards, and photos.[2] MocoSpace is an off deck[3] mobile site, which means that it isn't featured on the start page of cell phone carriers but is a standalone mobile web site that can be visited by any phone with mobile web access. MocoSpace is one of a number of Boston-area startups focusing on developing applications for the mobile web.[4] It is also one of the largest mobile websites of any type in the U.S. as reported by Hitwise [5][6] Venture funding for start up companies in the mobile space expanded rapidly starting in 2005,[7] and MocoSpace was a beneficiary of this trend. In 2007, MocoSpace received an initial $3 million series A round of venture funding [8] and in January 2008 received a $4 million series B round of funding.[9] At that time, MocoSpace also announced 2 million registered users and 1 billion monthly page views, placing it among the very largest off deck mobile social communities. Like most social networking services, the business model is based on serving advertisements to users.[10]


Because of its ad-based revenue model, MocoSpace has partnered with a number of mobile ad networks. Since ad revenue is based on user traffic, known user-generating techniques often involve user-generating profiles that instigate other users in order to build traffic, delete inflammatory profiles whom they offend, in order to increase the total number of new profiles being created in a given month.

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