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Moco may refer to:





  • Chilala Moco (born 1977), an Angolan photographer
  • Marcolino Moco (born 1953), the Prime Minister of Angola 1992–1996
  • Didi Mocó, stage name of Brazilian comedian Renato Aragão (born 1935)
  • "Moco", stage name of Julian Villarreal from the Mexican band and record producer (Celso Piña) (Banda Machos) (Tigrillos) El Gran Silencio
  • Moco, the fictional drug lord in the 1992 film El Mariachi portrayed by Peter Marquardt
  • Moco, a character in the anime Dragon Quest


  • Mocó (Kerodon rupestris), also known as the rock cavy, a Brazilian rodent
  • Oligosoma moco, or Moko skink, a species of skink endemic to New Zealand

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  • Loco moco, a traditional meal in Hawaiian cuisine