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Place of originBrazil
Region or stateBrazil, Portugal
Main ingredientsCow's feet, beans, vegetables

Mocotó (Brazilian Portuguese: [moko'tɔ]) is a Brazilian dish made from cow's feet,[1][2] stewed with beans and vegetables. The name is derived from the Kimbundu mbokotó.

This dish is also popular in Portuguese cuisine, where it is known as mão de vaca com grão. The only difference in the Portuguese variation is the inclusion of chickpeas.

Mocotó was originally made in Angola and picked up by the Portuguese during their colonization of the southwestern African country. Brazil later adopted the dish and incorporated their own taste by adding vegetables.

Dishes derived[edit]

Mocotó gaucho[edit]

In mocotó gaúcho[3] or mocotó à moda gaucha[4] (known simply as mocotó among the gauchos),[5] dobradinha is added as a fundamental element of the dish, in addition to tripe and the curd.

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