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Moczka in a pot.
Moczka in a pot.

Moczka (otherwise bryja[1]) is a Silesian dish prepared for Christmas.

It is prepared from a special type of gingerbread, almonds, raisins, dried plums, dried apricots, pears, dried figs, dried dates, hazelnuts and a large amount of dark beer in which the ingredients are soaked. Instead of beer, a vegetable or vegetable broth was used on the heads of carp.

It should be added that in every part of Silesia, the list for the moczka is different, mainly differs by additions, but gingerbread remains the basis of the dish.

With time, the recipe for the moczka changed, today it can be made without adding beer, with the addition of fruit and compotes, so that the moczka was sweet, and did not resemble vegetable soup with fruit.


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