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Mod, MOD or mods may refer to:




Popular culture[edit]

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Computer culture[edit]


  • Magneto-optical drive / Magneto Optical Disk, a data storage device using both optical and magnetic technologies
  • Module file, a family of computer music formats which play patterns of embedded sound samples
  • Modchip, a device designed to modify the behavior of an electronic system
  • Mod (video gaming), a modification to a video game
  • MOD and TOD, a tapeless video format by JVC


  • Modulo (disambiguation) (further disambiguation), loosely meaning "except" or "without"
  • Modular arithmetic, a system of arithmetic for integers where numbers return to zero after a certain value
  • Division:
    • Modulo operation, the remainder of division of one number by another
    • Remainder, the "left over" part in division of integers which cannot be expressed with an integer quotient
  • Modular exponentiation, a type of exponentiation performed over a modulus
  • Mod n cryptanalysis, a partitioning attack applicable to block and stream ciphers

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