ModPlug Player

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ModPlug Player
Developer(s)Olivier Lapicque
Final release
1.4.6 / September 27, 2002; 21 years ago (2002-09-27)
Operating systemWindows (95, 98)
TypeModule file player
ModPlug Player

ModPlug Player is a module file player developed by Olivier Lapicque in conjunction with the original ModPlug Tracker project and the ModPlug Browser plugin.[1] Features include a playlist editor, graphical equalizer, automatic gain control, bass expansion, reverb, Dolby Surround Sound support and the ability to mix two modules simultaneously and to change their pitch and tempo. The player supports a variety of module music files in both native and compressed (ZIP / RAR / LHA) formats.[2][3]

The software was originally developed along with ModPlug Tracker, now known as OpenMPT, and modernized ModPlug engine is now used for decoding module files in the open source multimedia framework GStreamer[4] under the name libmodplug.[5]

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