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Modality may refer to:


  • Modality (theology), the organization and structure of the church, as distinct from sodality or parachurch organizations
  • Modality (music), in music, the subject concerning certain diatonic scales
  • Modalities (sociology), a concept in Anthony Giddens structuration theory
  • Modal logic (philosophy), a form of logic which distinguishes between (logically) "necessary truths" and "contingent truths"


  • Modality (semiotics) (also mode of expression), the channel by which signs are transmitted (oral, gesture, written)
  • Linguistic modality, a system of alternative wordings in a language that construes different degrees of necessity, obligation, and probability from either a subjective or an objective perspective. E.g. for probability: `it may have happened', `it is likely to have happened', `it must have happened', `it is possible that it happened', `it is likely that it happened', `it is certain that it happened'.


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