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Modbury High School
Modbury High School Logo.gif
Modbury, South Australia, SA
Australia Australia
Type Public School
Motto Latin: Finem Respice
"Consider The End"
Established 1965
Principal Martin Rumsby
Enrolment 900 to 1000 (yr 8 - yr 12)
Colour(s) Light Blue, Navy Blue, White & Green                 
Slogan "Pursuing a culture of achievement in a respectful and rigorous learning environment"

Modbury High School is a state school in the north-eastern suburbs of Adelaide. It borders Modbury South Primary School and is in close proximity to Ardtornish Primary School. School enrolment currently has over 900 students for year levels eight to twelve.[1]


The school was opened in 1965 to cater for the large population increase in the area. The school initially opened with 97 students (all of whom in Year 8) and 7 teachers with the first graduating class in 1970. During the population boom of 1970s Australia, Modbury High Schools enrolment figure reached 1383 students.

In 1978, a new multi-story structure was built housing the current library and flexible units. Two years later the schools music suite was built, housing four practice rooms, one classroom and a soundproofed rehearsal room.

In the beginning of the 1980s, the school had a collective fundraiser to raise money to construct the gymnasium. It was completed during the 1983 school year and is now a prominent landmark at the entrance to the school. The gymnasium is used for school sports,major school assemblies and was shared with Modbury South until the completion of their own gymnasium. By 1993 a Physical Education Laboratory was constructed within the structure giving students facilities for weight training as well as housing classrooms.

A cafeteria/auditorium was completed in 1995, opened by the then principal Robert Hill. It is popularly used as a meal area during recess and lunchtime but is also used for assemblies, meetings and concerts.

Consequent fundraising efforts of late have seen numerous other structures erected to aid the aesthetic and practical values of the school, notably the expansive front shelter constructed in recent years and another backing the auditorium preceding it.

A visual arts centre opened at the end of 2009. It houses four classrooms, a computing room, main display area and other facilities.

During 2015-2016, two consecutive perfect ATAR of 99.95 were achieved, making Modbury High School the only public school in Australia which achieved the perfect ATAR.


  • Mr. A.g. Strawbridge - (1965–1975)
  • Mr. J.g. Deer - (1976–1985)
  • Mr. R.M. Hill - (1986–1999)
  • Mrs. Jay Strudwick - (2000–2009)
  • Mr. Martin Rumsby (2010-2016)

Co-curricular activities[edit]


The school has an extensive involvement with musical activities. These activities include a concert band, a stage band and ensemble groups (brass, string and classical guitar). Performances are given at parent meetings, school assemblies, local primary schools and senior citizen venues throughout the year. Highlights in the Music calendar include appearances at the Yamaha School Bands Festival and a trip for The Stage Band to Mt Gambier every May to compete in the Generations In Jazz, a nationwide competition.


Regular German & Japanese exchange programs successfully operate at Modbury High School. A student studying Yr11 Japanese is annually invited to Kamogata on scholarship for 6 weeks at the end of the year. The school also hosts a group of students from Kamogata, Japan(Asakuchi, Okayama)in August each year and responds with a reciprocal visit in September/October.


The school is heavily involved in the local VISTA sports competitions where students at Modbury High School can compete with students from schools in the extended district in a variety of sports.

The school also runs a biannual Basketball Trip to the USA allowing students from the school to play competitive basketball games against American students.

Pedal Prix is highly organised and competitive at Modbury High School. It fields five bikes at the local victoria park events and four bikes at the 24-hour Murray Bridge event.

The school has also been home to various AFL players.

One of the chairs in the tunnel network beneath the school.


Since Modbury High School was built there had long been rumours of tunnels beneath the school. In late 2014, several male students from years 9 to 11 broke off a board in the male toilets on the ground floor of the main building. They found a ladder which led down into a network of tunnels, containing an old archive, old chairs, tables and even an old anatomical skeleton model.[citation needed]

The tunnels were sealed by the school in the following weeks.[citation needed]


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