Modder River

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This article is about the Modder River. For other uses, see Modder River (disambiguation).
Modder River
Modder River pontoon bridge.jpg
Modder River pontoon bridge, 1899
Name origin: Modder meaning 'mud' in Afrikaans
Country South Africa
Regions Free State, Northern Cape
Mouth Riet River
 - elevation 1,114 m (3,655 ft)
 - coordinates 29°2′25″S 24°37′42″E / 29.04028°S 24.62833°E / -29.04028; 24.62833Coordinates: 29°2′25″S 24°37′42″E / 29.04028°S 24.62833°E / -29.04028; 24.62833
Location of the Modder River mouth

The Modder River is a river in South Africa. It is a tributary of the Riet River[1] that forms part of the border between the Northern Cape and the Free State provinces. The river's banks were the scenes of heavy fighting in the beginning of the Second Boer War at the Battle of Modder River.

There is an inhabited farming place named 'Modder River' just north of the confluence between this river and the Riet.[2]

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