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Model airplane fields are used for landings and takeoffs of model aircraft.

Facilities provided vary significantly. They range from unimproved fields to paved runways.

Notable fields
Name Location Size Runways Facilities Website Ref
The Bill Osborne Model Airplane Flying Field Alameda, California 35 by 45 feet (11 by 14 m)
2-paved donuts
Opened 1947
work benches
Model Airplane Field at Edwin Warner Park Nashville, Tennessee [3]
Breuner Airfield Richmond, California 5 acres (2.0 ha) 300 feet (91 m) BARCS [4]
Santa Clara County Model Aircraft Skypark Morgan Hill, California 40 acres (16 ha) 520 by 60 feet (158 by 18 m) paved [5]
Whittier Narrows Model Aircraft Field
(12 Miles East of downtown Los Angeles)
El Monte, California Pretty Big Yes Two CL (Control-Line) Stunt Circles, paved
One Caged CL Speed Circle, paved (Pulse Jets and the like)
One CL Navy Carrier Circle, grass with Concrete Carrier Deck
One oversize CL Combat field, grass
Oh yeah and there's a paved R/C runway there too


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