Moderate Party (Illinois)

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Moderate Party
Leader Bill Scheurer
Founded September 2005
Dissolved March 2008
Ideology Moderate Centrism
Open democracy
Moderate Party

The Moderate Party was a political party in the United States that nominated candidates for U.S. Congress. It was established in Illinois' 8th congressional district.

The party platform consisted of two planks: open democracy and peaceful security. It left all other positions open to the individual candidate. The party became established under Illinois election law when Bill Scheurer garnered more than 5% of the vote. Scheurer elected not to run in the 2008 Congressional elections and the party candidate was Iain Abernathy. Scheurer's wife, Randi Scheurer was a candidate in the Democratic Primary for the Illinois 8th Congressional District.

In March 2008 Bill Scheurer announced that he had joined the Green Party and urged all of the Moderate Party's members to do the same.[1]


Tax reform[edit]

The party sought to reform the U.S. Tax Code by changing the income tax system with either a Flat or FairTax if the need arises.


The party opposed unrestricted immigration. In addition to supporting the deportation of illegal aliens, this party sought to limit the number of immigrants that can be allowed to enter the U.S.


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