Moderation and Development Party

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Moderation and Development Party
Leader Hassan Rouhani[1]
Secretary-General Mohammad Bagher Nobakht[2]
Founded 1999[1]
Headquarters Tehran, Iran
Ideology Pragmatism
Islamic democracy
Political position Centre[3]

Moderation and Development Party (Persian: حزب اعتدال و توسعه‎, translit. Hezb-e E'tedāl va Towse'eh‎) is a political party in Iran. It is a pragmatic-centrist political party which held its first congress in 2002.[4] The party has been allied with Popular Coalition of Reforms[3] and Pervasive Coalition of Reformists[5] in parliamentary elections.

The party has had good relations with both Mohammad Khatami’s reform program and Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani.[2]


Current officeholders[edit]



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