Moderation and Development Party

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Moderation and Development Party
حزب اعتدال و توسعه
Leader Hassan Rouhani
Secretary-General Mohammad Bagher Nobakht
Founded 1999
Headquarters Tehran, Iran
Ideology Pragmatism
Islamic democracy
Political position Centre[1]
Politics of Iran
Political parties

Moderation and Development Party (Persian: حزب اعتدال و توسعه‎‎ Hezb-e E'tedāl va Towse'eh), is a political party in Iran. It is a pragmatic-centrist political party which held its first congress in 2002.[2] The party has been a part of "Popular Coalition of Reforms" (Persian: جبهه مردمی اصلاحات‎‎) alongside Democracy Party.[1]

The party has gained ground over the years and has increased in popularity. As reformist politicians are increasingly pressured, banned or imprisoned, political parties which run on the platform of moderation as opposed to full reform are more tolerated by the hardliners in the government. This has resulted in people who want change to be attracted to these parties. Those who want change and easing on civil rights and more freedoms, view moderate political parties as the most capable and able to do so within the system and to not be pressured. As moderate parties are able to appeal to all sides of the political spectrum while still being able to ease pressures on everyday people and be able to give more freedoms.

The current President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, has been a member of the party since its inception in 1999.

Party Central Committee[edit]