Modern Academy In Maadi

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Modern Academy In Maadi
Type Private University
Established 1993
President Prof. Nabil S. Deabes
Location Cairo, Egypt
Campus Maadi
Website Official Website

The Modern Academy In Maadi (MAM), Egypt, was founded in 1993 by a group of professional educationalists, Initially, The Modern Academy is located in Maadi, a southern suburb of Cairo known by its greenery and quietness. MAM currently occupies permanent buildings on road # 304, New Maadi. The 3500 + square meters luxurious buildings are easily reached by public transportation only 30 minutes from Cairo International Airport and down town Cairo.

The centrally air-conditioned main building houses 8 lecture halls (each allocated to 150 students), 26 classrooms (each allocated to 40 students), 6 computer laboratories (each contains 40 PCs), library, administration offices, a cafeteria, and a clinic. All lecture rooms and classrooms are fully equipped with all required teaching facilities and sound system. Another two buildings were established afterwards, expanding the capacity for both Students and Majors.

Historical Development of Programs[edit]

MAM started with the Computer Science specialization according to the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education decree no. 1570 in the year 1993. MAM, through the continuous efforts of its founding president Prof. Dr. Nabil S. Debeas, was able to add the Business Management, Accounting, and Economics specializations according to the Ministry of Higher Education decree no.18 in the year 1996.

In the year 2001,The Managerial Information Systems program was added according to the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education decree no. 239. Currently, four departments are organizing MAM’s academic programs: the Computer Science Department, the Business Administration Department ( Management, Economics, Accounting), the Managerial Information Systems Department, and the Basic Science Department

In 1995, MAM enrolled approximately 500 undergraduate students in all specializations. By 1999, the Academy had 3400+ students in its degree enrollment. This number increased to reach 6100+ by the academic year 2000/2001. Thanks to the offering of the Managerial Information Systems program, the number of enrollment in the year 2001/2002 reached 7000+.That substantial increase in student enrollment reflects the amount of confidence in the Academy and its material growth.


The Modern Academy operates as a private institution of Higher learning directly under the supervision and assessment of the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education. In 1993 and 1996 MAM was licensed to confer degrees by the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education. MAM academic programs are being annually evaluated according to the quality assurance standards set by the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education.

In 1998 the Egyptian Supreme Council for Universities recognized the Academy’s degrees to be equivalent to those awarded by Egyptian state universities; hence, came the approval of Specialized Syndicates to register the Academy’s graduates as official members in their professional organizations. According to the Ministry of Higher Education evaluations, Modern Academy in Maadi ranked first among equivalent private institutions of Higher learning in the country.

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